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What is a Biblical Christian?
by Albert N. Martin

There are many matters concerning which total ignorance and complete indifference are neither tragic nor fatal. I am sure that there are few of us who can explain all the processes by which a brown cow eats green grass and gives white milk but we can still enjoy the milk! Many of us are totally ignorant of Einstein’s theory of relativity, and if we were pressed to explain it we would really be in difficulty. And not only are we ignorant of Einstein’s theory but most of us are quite indifferent; yet our ignorance and indifference are neither tragic nor fatal.

There are some matters, however, concerning which ignorance and indifference are both tragic and fatal. One such matter is the answer to the question, “What is a biblical Christian?” more…

What is a Reformed Baptist Church?
by William E. Payne

If I were to be asked “What kind of a church are you?” I would not hesitate to reply, “We are a Baptist Church!” We hold to those truths which have sometimes been referred to as “Baptist Distinctives”.

I would also reply that we are a “Reformed Church” inasmuch as we hold to the great doctrines of the Reformation in the areas concerning the salvation of men. In this sense, I am not at all averse to our church being referred to as a “Reformed Baptist” church, and I want to speak on the subject “What is a Reformed Baptist Church?” more…

1689 Baptist Confession of Faith
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Ask for the old paths…and walk therein… Jer 6:16