In addition to our regular ministries we have a number of special events each year. These events are intended to deepen our unity and foster greater love between us. We also wish to provide more opportunities for our friends and family and fellow believers from other churches to participate in the life of our church and share in our joy with us.

Pacific Northwest Retreat
Set against the beautiful mountains of western Washington, we are excited to be hosting a retreat for singles within the Reformed community! Our hope is that this will be a time of fun, refreshment and encouragement with a focus on Bible teaching and fellowship. Families of ERBC will provide accommodation and breakfasts. Alternatively, if you prefer to organize your own lodging, we can recommend hotels nearby for you.

Specifics regarding this year’s retreat will be made available soon! Contact us at for more information.

Marriage Retreat
In the spring of each year, we have a retreat for married couples. The retreat is open to all couples who wish to come and be instructed and encouraged in their marriages by what the Bible has to say concerning the blessings and responsibilities of the husband and wife relationship. Click HERE for more information about the marriage retreat.

Ladies Retreat
The ladies pick a local hotel and spend the night together enjoying prayer, devotional times, and sweet fellowship.

Home School Valentines Party
Many of our families home school their children. We have a Valentines party for the children to get together with their friends and enjoy crafts and snacks and make little gifts for each other.

Easter Brunch
On Easter Sunday, we enjoy a special brunch together. It’s a great opportunity for fellowship and to witness to others as we invite our friends and relatives.

Talent Night
This is the big chance for everyone to display their talents (or their decided lack thereof). The talent night is always lots of fun.  We enjoy skits, singing, musical instruments, story telling, poems, quoting scripture from memory, and other “talents” that the Lord has blessed us with.

Mother’s Day Luncheon
The mothers and daughters share a special lunch together, including a devotional message by one of the ladies.

Family Night at a Mariners Game
For all the baseball fans or just those who like to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. We reserve a block of seats together and pray for good weather.

4th of July Picnic
We celebrate Independence Day together with a big picnic at the church building. There are various  games, great picnic food, lots of red white and blue deserts, and (almost always) a big water-gun fight where most of the kids get soaked!

Church Camping Trip
We pack up our tents and s’more fixins and head for one of the great local Washington campgrounds for two days and two nights of sitting by the fire, singing hymns, fishing, playing games, and everything else that makes camping so much fun. The camping trip is always a wonderful time, well except for the year it started pouring down rain.

Game Night
We meet to play various board games (everyone brings their favorites) and card games. We also have ping pong and air hockey. And of course there are lots of great snacks to munch on while we play.

Christmas Fellowship
The Christmas fellowship is for adults and older teens. We enjoy singing hymns, eating holiday goodies, and a little gift exchange.

Ask for the old paths…and walk therein… Jer 6:16